Album In The Works

Wooo doggy its been a hot minute since I’ve updated this blog. Life gets busy sometimes and general website upkeep tends to fall to the bottom of the to-do-list unfortunately. So, I will keep this short and sweet… I am recording my first solo album! It will be titled “Hole Hearted” and so far it is sounding me.. that’s all that really counts at the end of the day..right? We’re about 85% done and are on track to finishing by Thanksgiving.

That is all for now.



Ben Brosh
Shmusic Shmideo Shoon

I'm real excited to share not one, but TWO BRAND NEW SONGS with you all in the next few weeks! I was lucky enough to get to shoot with the very talented Mr. Chris Weist of the band Wood Belly at the Fort Collins Nursery in a greenhouse amongst some of the sweetest and non judgmental perennials and ferns. It was all around a great day and we got some great stuff! I highly suggest you check out both Wood Belly and The Fort Collins Nursey's websites for some great music and great plants/flowers/all things garden as you get ready for the wonderful warm weather of the spring! 
See you all soon with some new show updates!


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Howdy Everyone!
So glad you made it to this brand new site. I'm very excited to finally have a one-stop-shop for my music, musings and (very soon) merchandise. I have some very cool things happening currently. I won't ruin any surprises but they rhyme with shmusic krecordings and shmusic shmideos. Keep your eyes and ears tuned in and I'll see you out there in the wilderness of the world!


Ben Brosh