Hole Hearted is Done!


That’s all I can say after 3 months of recording, rerecording, editing, overdubbing, begging talented musicians to help me out, and listening to the same songs over and over and over. Hole Hearted is finally finished!

I cannot thank my engineer and producer and collaborator, Mike Kwiatek, enough. From day 1 he made this process easy going and relaxed, creatively inspired, and a manure-ton of fun. We’re both proud of how the album came out especially considering the budget. I really hope you all enjoy it once it is released into the wild!

Before that happens however, I still have much work to do. As we speak I am getting all of the album art work done with the help of my lovely life partner who happens to be an amazing artist in her own right. As the idea stands right now it is going to be more than a CD. It will be a piece of art and a full experience visually and audibly. Once the art is done and I have the CDs printed I will set a release date. I am aiming for February..so keep your ears and eyes peeled!

Thank you for you continue support!




Ben Brosh