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What's Waiting For Me

It seems kind of hard to believe that I started these recordings back in September. 8 months later I am releasing them.. That is only the amount of time it has taken to record, re-record, overdub, edit, fine tune, mull over, master, decide on artwork, get the $$ together, figure out how to get on digital distribution, figure out how to copy-write all these songs…you get the idea. It takes more work than I ever knew to get music out of my bedroom and into your ears..

Just like life, the obstacles are the things we never foresee. Our dreams and ambitions are made of all that we want in and out of life. It’s hard to imagine planning for the loss of loved ones and friends, the changes in our mental stability, the changes in our physicality as we age, the health issues that may pop up.. yet they are always there to try and rain on our parade. It wouldn’t be a life worth living if there weren’t obstacles to beat back and overcome with a sense of pride.

“What’s Waiting For Me” was written almost entirely in one night in which I was having a panic attack about my future. I thought to myself, it might be helpful to try and imagine positive things to come. It turned into a retrospective song where I decided to say fuck it to what I used to believe and hello to the uncertainty with open arms. If I want to get where I’m going I need to try a new route. We may not know what’s ahead for us but, my feeling is, believing it will be good, no matter what life throws at us, is better than the alternative.

Wishing you all a better and brighter tomorrow,